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From The DAY Family:


In 2010 we realized the need for establishing a social network for the husky breed. Huskies are pack dogs by nature and are meant to be social and friendly. Our first huskypalooza had more huskies in one location than any of us had seen before….quite an amazing sight. We can now expect 100 to 200 huskies (and friends) at future Huskypaloozas. I urge any potential husky owner to attend to see the breed in full action. We do set strict rules about treats and behavior with corrections to ensure the safety and fun for everyone. It is an overall social but very educational event for the dogs and their people. Huskies are known to be excellent family dogs, but they also hold a spot on the most dangerous dog breed list. With education and public events highlighting huskies we are hoping to change the long standing ill feelings and thoughts towards the breed. We will continue to promote training and achieving canine good citizen status for as many huskies as we can reach whether in great homes or awaiting their fate in high kill shelters.


In 2012 Husky Pack Rescue was invited to work with Day's Den and the Huskypalooza Pack Play Party to help raise funds for the rescue dogs and have available dogs for adoption attend the event. Husky Pack Rescue also accepts donated dog items for the day. Husky Pack holds a raffle or silent auction of donated items from local vendors and artisans in which all funds raised go directly towards the care and treatment of the rescued dogs and pups.

Information on Huskypalooza Events:
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