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Adoptable Dogs

Neshaminy, (now named Nala) has stolen our hearts since we adopted her in August. She is the biggest sweetheart, has to be the center of attention, loves to cuddle like a big teddy bear, and uses her puppy dog eyes to get her way. We just started group obedience classes with her and she loves to visit with everybody. She gets along great with her new sister Koda and they love to chase each other at all hours of the day. I feel like she gives us extra loving for rescuing her. Thank you Husky Pack!

Quick update on Godiva and Cooper (Rollo). It has been an extreme pleasure watching those two making themselves right at home with their family. They are happy, relaxed, and above all LOVE playing with each other.


Godiva is a blessing to Cooper and Cooper is a blessing to Godiva. Watching those two tails running down the hall, side by side, is a sight to behold.


Thanks HPR for rescuing these two fantastic dogs. Our home is a better place with them both in it!

The Ryon Family

April 8, 2016

The Phillips Family

Nov 7, 2016

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